Religion in the Civil Wars explained

Religious divisions between the three kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland were a fundamental cause of the Civil Wars and throughout the Interregnum sectarianism between Protestant factions constantly challenged the republican government and ultimately destroyed it. This series of programmes by Emerita Professor Ann Hughes explains these often complex issues.

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In this Series

A concise introduction to the causes and consequences of the religious divisions which contributed to the outbreak of the Civil Wars.

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The Tudor reformation of the 16th Century left England, Scotland and Ireland bitterly divided.

Interviews, Key Questions, Religion, Teachers

Religious divisions inflamed by King Chares I were an important cause of the wars and were exacerbated by significant differences between the Three Kingdoms.

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After the Regicide, religious fragmentation particularly within the army, made Britain difficult to govern and ultimately contributed to the downfall of the republic.

Interviews, Key Questions, Religion, Teachers

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Ann Hughes

Emerita Professor of Early Modern History

Professor Hughes was educated at the University of Liverpool where she completed a PhD on ‘Politics, society and civil war in Warwickshire’. She has worked at the Open University and then as Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Modern History at Manchester University. She has been at Keele since September 1995 and is a distinguished author…

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