Edward Sexby (1618-1658) – A comrade-in-arms

“No man is born a slave…we are all by birth equally free.”

Edward Sexby, a comrade-in-arms of Oliver Cromwell who became his implacable enemy, was the among the spokesmen for the radical Leveller faction who vehemently denounced the monarchy and accused Oliver Cromwell and Henry Ireton of betraying the ideals of the New Model Army their negotiations with Charles I. Thereafter, Sexby became an implacable enemy of Cromwell, even scheming to assassinate him several years later, a plot which he promoted in the tract “Killing No Murder”.

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The World Turned Upside Down
The World Turned Upside Down - The British Civil Wars 1638-1651
Edward Sexby (1618-1658) - A comrade-in-arms
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