‘Light Risen Out of Darkness’ – The Civil Wars and Early Quakers, 1646-1660

Quakerism emerged in England in the social and religious tumult of the Civil Wars.

It was in these years that Quakers tapped into the widespread feeling of uncertainty in a world turned upside down, zealously spreading their messages in print and through a travelling ministry.  This brought them into direct confrontation with the authorities who believed that Quakers were intent on disrupting the social order.  The response was often harsh and heavy-handed punishment of Quakers across the country.

In this programme historian and author Dr Erica Canela, explores the early history of the Quakers and their soon-to-be notorious leaders who spread this message from their homes in the north of England to every corner of country and beyond.

She also discusses the reactions of local authorities to this perceived threat to social order and asks were Quakers really a viable threat in the years immediately following the Civil Wars?

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The World Turned Upside Down
The World Turned Upside Down - The British Civil Wars 1638-1651
'Light Risen Out of Darkness' - The Civil Wars and Early Quakers, 1646-1660
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Erica Canela

Erica Canela

Historian and Author

Dr. Erica Canela is an early modern social historian, specialising in English Quaker history and the psychological trauma of the Civil Wars. She holds a Ph.D from…

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