Uncovering a ‘forgotten’ massacre at Shelford House

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The military history of the British and Irish Civil Wars has been dominated by the stories of the battles between the two field armies in England such as Marston Moor, Newbury and Naseby. But in reality, this was largely a conflict of relatively small-scale local conflicts, often around strongpoints such as fortified houses. These engagements were often bloody and hard-fought with important consequences for local communities. Yet, many of them have been forgotten or subsequently ignored as being of little or no national significance.

Until recently this was true of the shocking story of the attack by Parliamentarian forces on the Royalist garrison at Shelford House on the River Trent between Newark and Nottingham.

But now after years of investigation, distinguished Civil War historian, David J. Appleby has uncovered the realities of this attack which, as he tells publisher, Mike Gibbs, is a story of a massacre and a subsequent cover-up.

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David J. Appleby

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr David J. Appleby is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham, where he was previously Lecturer in Early Modern British History for seventeen years….

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