‘Yet One Warning More, to Thee O England’ – Quakers and the Restoration, 1660-1689

Between 1660 and 1689, Quakerism in England underwent substantial trials and transformations. This was a time of great political and religious  instability which posed formidable challenges for early Quakers who had survived the civil wars.

Following the Restoration of the monarchy, Quakers faced intensified persecution under the so-called Clarendon Code, which sought to suppress dissenting religious groups.

But Quaker communities continued to thrive by maximising their use of print to advocate for religious tolerance while arguing that the movement did not pose a threat to the Restoration government or local authorities.  However, as their personal stories reveal, they were still subject to widespread persecution and abuse.

In this programme historian and author Dr Erica Canela explains the concerns of Charles II and the Restoration Government and discusses the legislation imposed to curtail the activities of Quakers. She asks was this legislation effective and how did Quakerism survive such harsh persecution?

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'Yet One Warning More, to Thee O England' - Quakers and the Restoration, 1660-1689
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Erica Canela

Erica Canela

Historian and Author

Dr. Erica Canela is an early modern social historian, specialising in English Quaker history and the psychological trauma of the Civil Wars. She holds a Ph.D from…

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