Yorkshire in the Civil Wars – A bloody stategic battleground

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Many histories of the civil war fought in England focus on the south and the midlands. In contrast, this programme shines a light on the significant role played by the county of Yorkshire in the north of England in Parliament’s victory during the Civil Wars.

In this programme, Professor Andrew Hopper of the University of Oxford argues that the importance of Yorkshire and the north has often been underplayed. Yorkshire provided the New Model Army with its first commander – Sir Thomas Fairfax. Parliament would not have won the war if the Royalist northern army had not been defeated on Marston Moor outside York.

The conflict also reshaped the county itself. Out went the traditional personnel of local government provided by the royalist gentry. These men were replaced as justices of the peace by lower born men, many of them clothiers and tradesmen who had served as officers in Fairfax’s Yorkshire army.

Listen as Professor Hopper describes the story of these revolutionary years to Publisher, Mike Gibbs.

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Andrew Hopper

Andrew Hopper

Professor of Local and Social History

Andrew Hopper is Professor of Local and Social History in the Department for Continuing Education at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of Kellogg College. He…

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