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Events in Scotland and Ireland directly contributed to political crisis which would explode into Civil War in England and Wales.

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This is the incredible but true story of John Poyer of Pembroke.

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Between 1643 and 1645, Basing House in Hampshire – which once rivalled Hampton Court in size and opulence – was besieged by Parliament’s forces.

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Napoleon Bonaparte famously said “Soldiers generally win battles, generals get credit for them”.  This is certainly true of many of the histories of the British Civil Wars.

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The British Civil Wars are often referred to as the Wars of the Three Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland, which ignores the Welsh experience.

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On the 23rd of October 1641 – about a year before the outbreak of civil wars in England and Wales – a bloody rebellion swept across Ireland.

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To unravel this historiography Contributing Editor, Professor Andrew Hopper, sat down with Dr Stephen Roberts, the distinguished Emeritus Editor of The History of Parliament.

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John Pym, who was born in 1584 and died in December 1643, was one of the most important Parliamentary figures in the years leading up to the outbreak of the Civil Wars.

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Many controversies swirl around the legacy of Oliver Cromwell and over the centuries it has become increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction.

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A concise introduction to the causes and consequences of the religious divisions which contributed to the outbreak of the Civil Wars.

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The Tudor reformation of the 16th Century left England, Scotland and Ireland bitterly divided.

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Religious divisions inflamed by King Chares I were an important cause of the wars and were exacerbated by significant differences between the Three Kingdoms.

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After the Regicide, religious fragmentation particularly within the army, made Britain difficult to govern and ultimately contributed to the downfall of the republic.

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The battle of Naseby finally destroyed the field army of the King and in two hours changed the history not only of Britain, but every modern democracy.

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Discover the momentous event that occurred at Naseby, which was to shape history - not only of Britain but every modern democracy.

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It is often said that there was nothing 'civil' about the British Civil Wars. This was not the story of dashing Cavaliers and God-fearing Roundheads fighting battles in fields far from the civilian population.

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“Turncoat!” The word creates immediate images of traitors, renegades and defectors… here is a person who places self-interest above the well-being or safety of comrades-in-arms, and so switches sides irrespective of the resulting harm it does to the Cause.

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Discover the stories of ordinary people preserved in more than 4000 petitions. Professor Andrew Hopper introduces this window in to what the conflict meant for them.

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The Civil Wars changed the lives of families all across the British Isles, and inevitably children became involved not only as passive bystanders, but also as child soldiers.

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In this interview, Dr. Ismini Pells reveals that PTSD in veterans is not a new problem. She discusses the psychological impact that can be seen in the men who fought in the Civil Wars.

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Events which affected the course of British history are revealed in the “History of Parliament” Project.

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