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Sergeant-Major General Phillip Skippon was described as “… the type of man found in the best British armies throughout the centuries”.

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Between 1643 and 1645, Basing House in Hampshire – which once rivalled Hampton Court in size and opulence – was besieged by Parliament’s forces.

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Professor Andrew Hopper and Dr Ismini Pells reveal some of the key findings from this study which opens a window on the impact of the British Civil Wars through the lives of veterans, widows and orphans in a world turned upside down.

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The battle of Naseby finally destroyed the field army of the King and in two hours changed the history not only of Britain, but every modern democracy.

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It is often said that there was nothing 'civil' about the British Civil Wars. This was not the story of dashing Cavaliers and God-fearing Roundheads fighting battles in fields far from the civilian population.

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Discover the stories of ordinary people preserved in more than 4000 petitions. Professor Andrew Hopper introduces this window in to what the conflict meant for them.

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