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Quakerism emerged in England in the social and religious tumult of the Civil Wars.

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The landmark 1641 Depositions Project at Trinity College Dublin, has digitised and analysed more than 8,000 witness statements made during the rebellion which swept through Ireland.

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Events in Scotland and Ireland directly contributed to political crisis which would explode into Civil War in England and Wales.

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On the 23rd of October 1641 – about a year before the outbreak of civil wars in England and Wales – a bloody rebellion swept across Ireland.

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A concise introduction to the causes and consequences of the religious divisions which contributed to the outbreak of the Civil Wars.

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The Tudor reformation of the 16th Century left England, Scotland and Ireland bitterly divided.

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Religious divisions inflamed by King Chares I were an important cause of the wars and were exacerbated by significant differences between the Three Kingdoms.

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After the Regicide, religious fragmentation particularly within the army, made Britain difficult to govern and ultimately contributed to the downfall of the republic.

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What were the origins of the British Civil Wars?

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