David J. Appleby

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr David J. Appleby is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham, where he was previously Lecturer in Early Modern British History for seventeen years. David has published on a range of seventeenth-century matters, with an emphasis on the post-conflict culture of the Restoration period. He is an award-winning historian, best known for Black Bartholomew’s Day: Preaching, Polemic and Restoration Nonconformity (2007). Together with Andrew Hopper, David was co-editor of Battle-Scarred: Mortality, Medical Care and Military Warfare in the British Civil Wars (2018). He is part of a AHRC project to locate, transcribe and digitise thousands of petitions from maimed soldiers and war widows from the Civil Wars. David is currently writing A Short History of the English Revolution and the Civil Wars for Bloomsbury’s Short Histories series.


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Could the Commonwealth and the subsequent Protectorate have survived after the death of Oliver Cromwell on 3rd September 1658, or was it doomed to failure from the beginning?

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