Jonathan Fitzgibbons

Lincoln School of Humanities and Heritage, College of Arts Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Lincoln

Dr Fitzgibbons is a Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History in the School of Humanities and Heritage. His area of research and teaching expertise is the political, constitutional and intellectual history of seventeenth-century Britain. Besides writing a biography of Oliver Cromwell (Cromwell’s Head, 2008), he has also published widely on visual culture, public ceremony, law and political theory during the period of the British Civil Wars and their aftermath and recently published a book examining the nature of the House of Lords during the mid-seventeenth century and the contested meanings of kingship in 1650s Britain.

Dr Fitzgibbons has recently completed a research project, funded by the British Academy, which explores the memoirs of the Parliamentarian lawyer and MP Bulstrode Whitelocke in order to study the ways in which the political events of the 1650s were remembered and forgotten after the Restoration and is currently working on an edition of the ‘lost’ 1650s memoirs and writings of Bulstrode Whitelocke, which sheds new light on the key events and personalities of the civil war era and transforms our understanding of republicanism and political radicalism in the period.