Poppy Webinar

Unique webcast

The British Civil Wars were the beginning of the state's recognition of its unique obligations to the welfare of military veterans and widows. Today this is laid down in the Armed Forces Covenant.

Our distinguished panel explores the foundations of military welfare in the seventeenth century and the experience of veterans and their families after modern conflicts. In this unique webcast the panel discuss how this brings the past and present together.

They that have received any hurt or loss by the wars ought to be liberally provided for, and comfortably maintained all their days, by them that set them forth.
Robert Ram, The Soldier’s Catechism (1644)


Martin Bricknell

Lieutenant General (Rtd) Professor of Conflict, Health and Military Medicine, Kings College London


Andrew Hopper

Professor of Local and Social History, University of Oxford


Ismini Pells

Project manager of the Civil War Petitions Project